Anti-Ageism Tool Kit

Fighting Ageism with Information

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about the “older” generations The Canadian Association of Retired Persons represents.

Part of our culture sees older adults as a burden on society and an impediment to achieving their own goals. The same people who would likely oppose ageism on humanitarian or moral grounds (i.e., they would oppose elder abuse, frauds and scams, etc.) have no hesitation in leveling unfair and untrue accusations against older Canadians out of ignorance or fear.

Their messages can seriously undermine the perceived value of older adults in our society.

CARP’s  Anti-Ageism Tool Kit provides factual information to help you speak up and fight against ageist attitudes.

This tool kit reveals the truth about the legacy and the accomplishments of our generations and lays out the real numbers showing that older Canadians continue to make a tremendous contribution to the economy and to the welfare of Canadian society.

Help fight Ageism in Canada. Learn the truth and spread the news about the ongoing contribution of older Canadians!

Download the Tool Kit here