CARP Special Report: Healthy Aging




















When it comes to healthy aging, C.A.R.P. members increasingly see themselves as active players in the process. We all know that people are living longer. There are more people over the age of 65 in Canada today, than under the age of 15. It’s the first time this have ever happened. But people aren’t just living longer – they’re living healthier. They’re busier, more active, more engaged.

C.A.R.P. members see themselves as proactive managers of their own health and wellness. They’re eager consumers of information to help in that process. They’re enthusiastic users of the many new resources and tools that are increasingly available. They understand that with the right mix of knowledge and activity, they can plan for and achieve better health as they age.

Do you share this attitude? Then this SPECIAL REPORT is for you. But it’s really just the first step in what C.A.R.P. can do to increase your ability to be a successful manager of your own healthy aging.