CARP Responds to proposed changes to Ontario LTC Regulations

Empty hospital corridor

“C.A.R.P. argues that without insisting, through regulation, that the foundational principles contained in the preamble of the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 be implemented, these proposed changes will not, in practice, improve the quality of life for LTC residents.

The fundamental principle contained in the first lines of the Act, states that an LTC home must be “operated so that it is a place where they (residents) may live with dignity and in security, safety and comfort and have their physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural needs adequately met.”

However, the proposed Regulations focus almost exclusively on meeting the physical needs of the resident, while leaving the other aspects of quality care to the good will of the LTC provider  – not binding them to the fundamental principle through regulation. Commissions of inquiry and many other reports previously submitted to government tell us that good will has not, to this point in time, provided the care we expect for our loved ones in Long Term Care institutions. We see scant reference in the regulations that address the psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, and cultural needs of residents; which are just as, if not more important, than their physical needs – and deserve to be recognized within the Regulations. ”

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