CARP Ontario Election Primer

CARP Election Primer 

Ontario Election Day is Thursday, June 2, 2022

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CARP members in Ontario can make a difference in the provincial election this year.

Over 95% of CARP members vote. What’s more, over 3.6 million eligible voters in Ontario are over the age of 60.

We have the power!

It’s time to make our priorities the dominant focus in the election.

Hold your candidates accountable for supporting our priorities. If they won’t come out and say it…change your vote!

The needs are urgent and immediate.

CARP demands action NOW.



Fund better home care

Transform long-term care

Drastically cut wait times

Make vaccines more accessible

Fund fitness for seniors

Educate yourself on these issues – and help make them front and center in the campaign

  • Read the fact sheets we’ve prepared on each topic, and familiarize yourself with the facts.
  • Share the information with your candidate – by phone, by email, in person.
  • When a candidate (or a candidate’s representative) knocks on our door, show them The CARP 5 list and get a commitment of their support, and a pledge to act on that support.
  • Attend an all-candidates’ meeting and ask a question from the floor. Ask each candidate if they know about and will support The CARP 5.
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper.
  • Tell your relatives, friends, co-workers. Encourage them to join CARP to make our voice even stronger.
  • Vote only for a candidate who has pledged to act on these issues.
  • Attend an all-candidates meeting and ask questions about these issues.

Click here to view, print or share this CARP 5 priority in PDF