Ontario Election Alternative Voting Methods

Elections Ontario offers a variety of ways for eligible voters to cast their ballots, beyond the traditional visit to your local polling station on election day.

Options include voting by mail, voting from hospital, and even voting with a visit to your home by an election official.

Plus, there are advance polls in every riding that are sure to have less foot traffic than on voting day. Many CARP members intend to take advantage of advance polls to avoid potential long waits, line ups or crowds.

Election Day is June 2, 2022 and the advance voting begins as early as the campaign begins (29 days before election day) at your riding’s returning office.

However, all of these alternatives to voting on election day require some advanced planning. For example, a mail in vote requires a vote by mail application including your identification – this also applies to eligible voters submitting ballots from outside of Canada.  Plus, if you intend to vote at an advance poll, the locations are limited and may not be at your ‘regular’ polling location.

CARP encourages every eligible voter to exercise their franchise in this important election.

For more information, you can contact Elections Ontario: Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

1-888-668-8683  Email: [email protected]

Complete details and application forms are available on the Elections Ontario website. https://www.elections.on.ca/