Resident Care CARP’s Top Priority for LTC

May 3, 2022

CARP’s Chief Membership Officer, David Cravit spoke with ‘Ontario Votes’ host Mark Towhey on the topic of long-term care ownership.

In the Ontario election, the Liberals and NDP are opposed to the provision of long-term care by for-profit organizations and are promising to change all LTC residences to not for profit, or government run operations.

From CARP’s point of view, the most pressing issue is the quality of care, not the ownership model. During the Ontario election campaign, CARP is calling on members and ZoomerVoters to demand a TRANSFORMATION in the models of care, to a patient-centred, emotion-based care model, which restores dignity to the resident.

You can find out more about transformation of long-term care as part of THE CARP 5 election issues.

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