SAFETY ALERT – Car Jacking

Senior Safety Tip of the Month – July 2022

SAFETY ALERT – Car Jacking / Vehicle Theft is On the Rise!

Despite crime prevention tactics – parking location, lighting, security systems, etc. – car jacking and vehicle theft are on the rise. Media attention and crime statistics confirm an increase in this dangerous activity. It’s more than theft; it’s robbery if a weapon or threats of violence are present. There is a clear distinction between having your car stolen from the driveway and being forced out of your vehicle by an armed thief. The important common element is the desperation of the thief, and the risk to the victim.


DO NOT resist the car jacker! Car jacking usually involves more than one thief, meaning an armed accomplice desperate to make a quick getaway is likely close by. Yes, police services are reacting and making arrests but this profitable crime, often committed by unsophisticated yet dangerous individuals, is difficult to eliminate.

Vehicles can be stolen for use in a future crime, shipping offshore, chop shops for parts, etc. One thing we can do to reduce this criminal activity is to minimize the value of a stolen vehicle. When considering a used vehicle purchase make a no cost check of the VIN number on the Canadian Police Information Centre website. Simply type in the VIN number and see if it’s ever been reported stolen. If it has, walk away. Sure it’s a small step, but we can be part of the solution.

Retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson works with The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. to develop and share practical, economical safety tips for Canadians 50-plus. To read and print more safety tips, and to view Sergeant Bob’s appearance schedule, visit