The Fear of Outliving Your Money

Addressing the fear of outliving your money and planning for the “gift” of longevity

CARP President Moses Znaimer sat down with Som Seif, CEO of Purpose Investments to discuss one of the most pressing issues for CARP members; the fear of our living their savings.

The “gift” of longevity has added years to the life expectancy of Canadians compared to previous generations. However, for those in their 60’s and beyond, those ‘average’ life expectancies continue to increase and the chance of living to 100 goes up with every birthday.

How can we plan to finance those possible and even perhaps probable additional years of life after retirement?

You are invited to watch this insightful discussion between Moses and Som, which is followed by a panel discussion featuring three experts on the subject.   

Click to watch the full video of Som Seif with Moses Znaimer

CARP Webinar Panel

Following the conversation between Moses and Som, CARP arranged for a panel of experts to dig deeper in the concerns of CARP members and to learn more about the Purpose Longevity Pension Fund and how it can play an important part in the financial plan for Canadians as we age.

David Cravit, Chief Membership Officer at CARP and VP, Zoomer Media

John De Goey, Senior Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Wellington-Altus

Fraser Stark, President, Longevity Platform, Purpose.

CARP Webinar (featuring an edited version of the conversation with Moses Znaimer and Som Seif)