Getting started in Genealogy with and CARP

An Invitation to meet your Ancestors:

Have you ever wondered about your family tree, and where in the world your ancestors came from?

What about the fascinating new world of consumer DNA testing and the potential of connecting with those who share your genetic traits, around the corner or around the world?

CARP is delighted to announce our second webinar with Crista Cowan, ‘The Barefoot Genealogist’ who will answer all of these questions and more!

Session 2

We had a tremendous response to our first webinar with Crista and we look forward to welcoming even more CARP members to our second virtual meeting.

You can watch a replay of our first session below.

This is a great opportunity to engage in a new hobby that will increase our members’ digital literacy and create connections with other amateur genealogists around the globe. Plus, presents the simplest way to get your family tree in place for the generations following you, in an easy to use and accessible central location. Start with the (free) basics and see where in the world it leads you!

There’s no cost for this session and no obligation to join, but I do hope you will tune in to learn more about this exciting field and learn from an engaging and expert teacher in Crista Cowan.  Bring your questions!

Session 1

CARP was pleased to launch our new member benefit partnership with, by hosting the first in a series of webinars introducing our members to genealogy.

The webinar was led by ‘The Barefoot Genealogist’, Crista Cowan.

Crista is the Corporate Genealogist at Ancestry and offers an informative and easy to understand introduction to learning about your family history using the online tools provided by

Please take some time to watch this video and be sure to join us live, for our next event in November.  Stay tuned for details.