“What is the community like among CARP volunteers? Passionate! Being among peers of a “certain age”, we share many interests with wellness and health being major concerns for us all. We create a synergy between us that offers encouragement and actions that moves us to help others and to share the message of aging with dignity.”

-Laura Ross-Giroux, CARP Volunteer, Saskatchewan


“We have great people on our CARP Board even though we are small, I feel we have an impact. Advocacy matters EVERWHERE, not only in the CARP organization. If you can help better the lives of others, no matter their age, I believe it is our duty to be involved.”

-CARP Volunteer, BC

It’s my pleasure and honour to work/volunteer for CARP. I get to listen, learn the needs of seniors and help them with their concerns, more so in times of need or crisis. I feel there is a strong need for advocacy for seniors with a strong, compassionate and experienced voice. That’s why I choose to be involved with CARP.”

Ruby Toor, CARP Volunteer, Ontario

“I volunteer because I see the need for our country to renew its democratic foundations, each and every day. Volunteerism keeps the government open, authentic, straightforward and trustworthy. What volunteering has taught me is that things don’t change in a flash. It takes time and perseverance to make things happen. CARP folks know volunteering doesn’t always show immediate results so CARP communities are in it for the long haul!

CARP advocacy matters because Seniors are one of the largest demographic groups in Canada surpassing the under 14 group, But, we haven’t always been able to get the ear of governments on matters that affect people as they age. CARP ideas and issues come directly from the Canadian public. CARP is a reliable and important segment of the community.”

-Terry Miller, CARP Volunteer, Ontario

“Even though I am not yet retired, I want to start living my anticipated retirement life.  A major aspect of that is giving back to the community.  I was approached by a CARP board member and decided this was a good group to join.  I have played many roles on the board and have enjoyed the community and the exposure to not-for-profit organizations, I highly recommend volunteerism.”

-Doug Martin, CARP Volunteer, Alberta

“I am committed to the advocacy priorities and actions of CARP. I enjoy the work we do to engage older persons, to foster healthy living, and to encourage members to be involved in their community. I also get great enjoyment with the friendships I have made, simply by the actions that CARP NL has taken.”

-Sharron Callahan, CARP Volunteer Newfoundland


“I believe that advocating for fair and equal treatment of people as they age is very important.  I like that CARP is represented all over Canada, with the exception of Quebec, and is not restricted in its advocacy to any particular subject but is able to advocate on all issues affecting the older population, whether it is health care, financial security, support for healthy aging or other important matters.

CARP’s advocacy is universal.  It includes everybody, no matter your ancestry, religion, gender or race, you just have to be an older person, and everybody will be old one day.  So, it covers every human being.

Of course, it is also fun to connect with our Chapter members and especially our Board members, many of whom are quite active and support local advocacy, member activities and regular communication with our members.  It can be a lot of work but also keeps you active, informed and engaged.”

-Renate Crizzle, CARP Volunteer Ontario

“I’ve been involved in not only getting CARP’s message out to the community, but showcasing groups and causes from the community whose messages relate to our CARP members. The ability to do that, with the backing of a national organization that promotes a New Vision of Aging, was reason for me to get involved.”

 -Sheryl Bennett-Wilson, CARP Volunteer, Ontario

“I am a volunteer because I believe strongly in CARP’s advocacy goals and initiatives and through our chapter we help to bring more awareness and participation in these activities to our local communities. Along with my fellow board members I find volunteering with my chapter to be both an enjoyable and satisfying experience.”

-Keith Hancock, CARP Volunteer, Ontario

I volunteer for CARP because I believe in giving back to my community to make it a better place, to make new friends who share common interests and to learn about resources supporting seniors.”

-CARP Volunteer, Ontario