Your Voice: Membership survey

CARP reached out to our membership in June with a large Membership Feedback Survey.

The survey sought to:

-Understand respondent’s perspectives on CARP’s current advocacy and education priorities

-Identify possible gaps in CARP advocacy and education

-Understand how demographics might impact ageing (i.e., what are the factors that impact ageing in Canada?)

-Gain more in depth understanding of a small number of specific CARP advocacy and education areas (e.g., immunizations)

-Gain insight into member perspectives on CARP benefits

-Understand member realities and behaviour (internet use, work life, political engagement).

We received a robust 2,800 responses. THANK YOU for sharing your voice with us.

Stay tuned for the full report, but in the meantime, here are a few insights from the survey.

Financial Security

  • 42 % of respondents are worried about outliving their money, to the extent that this is seen as an obstacle in the way of their aging well.


  • Top current concern among respondents: receiving good, prompt healthcare.
  • 1 in 4 from a rural area cite being ‘unable to see a doctor’ as a key obstacle in the way of aging well.
  • 1 in 5 survey respondents indicated “being able to age at home” as their current concern in life.

The good news: CARP members are politically engaged.

  • Our respondents are passionate about voting, with over 90% always voting at the federal and provincial level, and over 85% voting at the municipal level.


“If seniors could and would rise above their inertia and often fear, we could represent a formidable voting power. You want something done, ask an informed Elder with years of experience” – respondent feedback