CARP Survey: Patient Involvement in Cancer Care

CLOSED: November 2023.  Stay tuned for results.

Tell us about your experience engaging with healthcare professionals on cancer care and treatments

CARP would like to better understand your experience in engaging with your medical team on cancer care and treatment decisions. Would you help us by taking our short, anonymous survey?

The purpose of this survey is to seek input from Canadian seniors who have cancer or have had cancer as well as their caregivers.

It can be empowering for people with cancer to take an active part in cancer care and treatment decisions. While healthcare professionals are experts in treating cancer, no one best knows their values, life goals and personal priorities like you yourself! These can be important elements to keep in mind when coming up with a care and treatment plan. For instance, a person may want to feel well enough during treatment to go on a trip, attend a family celebration or continue to play golf or practice yoga.

While some individuals want to be an active member of their own care team, others may prefer to leave the major decisions to their medical team. Ultimately, it’s up to each patient to decide how involved they want to be in their care and treatment decisions.

The insights gathered will be instrumental in shaping CARP’s educational efforts to enhance cancer care and elevate the overall patient experience.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.