TAKE ACTION: Tell the government the RSV vaccine must be funded.

RSV is a highly contagious seasonal respiratory virus that affects the lungs and respiratory passages. While RSV can start as a mild illness, it can quickly escalate to a serious condition, leading to hospitalization and even death among older adults.

This year we have a new tool in our arsenal. After years of having no preventative option, we now have a Health Canada-approved vaccine for this age-old virus. 

However, while the RSV vaccine is available in Canada, it is not yet funded by the government (with the exception of long-term care homes, elder care lodges and some retirement residences in Ontario).

With provincial budget discussions for next year already underway, we are asking for your help in reaching out to the government to demand public funding of an RSV immunization program for all seniors.  Please help by sharing your belief in equitable access to vaccines – it just takes a click of a button!


Send an email to your local decision-maker