Zoomers are “Travel-Hungry” after years on the sidelines

Published Dec 13, 2023

Survey Reveals 86% Are Planning Global Escapes

Canadians over the age of 55 are dusting off their passports and eager to explore the world again. A whopping 86% of respondents to ZoomerMedia’s Travel Survey revealed that they are planning to embark on international travel in the next six months, with many planning to increase their overall time spent travelling after a pandemic hiatus.

This marks a return to the first “normal” travel season in three years, as pandemic safety measures like masks and screenings are no longer required for most destinations. “The pandemic had a profound and long-term impact on older travellers, forcing them to shelve their globetrotting aspirations due to the virus’s elevated risk and overall travel turmoil.” said CARP President, Rudy Buttignol. “While The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) will continue to educate our members about COVID and vaccination options, now that the pandemic’s grip has loosened we are thrilled that older Canadians are once again planning their next journey. The world is once again their oyster.” Buttignol added.The survey results show that older Canadians are feeling confident to venture out, explore and live well at any age. The comprehensive 74 question survey garnered 2,270 responses from Canadians over 55, 64% of whom were female, and 67% living with a partner or spouse. Respondents top 4 out-of-country destinations were:

  • United States 49.3%
  • Europe 33.5%
  • Caribbean 31.9%
  • Mexico 19.6%

“Older Canadians took the pandemic’s hardest punches. It’s no wonder there’s a sharp increase in bookings with CARP Approved Partner Senior Discovery Tours, which specializes in safe, escorted trips to the world’s greatest destinations,” said Buttignol. “Our hundreds of thousands of members are hungry for travel. They’re looking to tour operators like Senior Discovery Tours who have almost 50 years of experience arranging escorted trips to more than 100 destinations worldwide. Senior Discovery Tours will give our members peace of mind when travelling outside the country.” he added.

“Senior Discovery Tours is the opposite of ‘figure-out-how-to-do-it-all-yourself-online’. We are the experts in planning a journey from the doorstep to the airport to the destination, and safely back home again. We arrange flights, hotels, ground transportation, tour bookings and meals including gratuities, plus a comprehensive insurance plan that includes health coverage (while outside of Canada) – and even insurance for cancellation and trip interruption. It’s a 100% all-in service that’s unique in Canada. You just pack your bags and prepare to enjoy,” said Danny Shay, President of Senior Discovery Tours.“Our partnership with CARP is very important to Senior Discovery Tours,” continued Shay. “As a special benefit to CARP members only, we are offering $100 off per person on any new tours booked in 2023 and 2024”.

Media Contact:

Rudy Buttignol, CARP President
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Danny Shay, President, Senior Discovery Tours
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  • 95.6% plan to book an international trip within the next year
  • 63.7% plan to book international travel within the next six months
  • 91.3% had taken at least one out-of-country trip in the previous two years before the pandemic
  • 79.1% took two or more trips and 49.5% embarked on three or more trips in the two years prior to the pandemic
  • The top four intended travel destinations were booked between two and six months ahead of travelling
  • Only 4.2% of respondents opted for “last-minute” arrangements
  • 81% intend to stay longer than 10 nights
  • 55% plan to enjoy their getaway for over 15 nights