Tracy Pepe Appointed New Chair of Brampton Chapter


Canadian Association of Retired Persons – CARP appoints new Chair of Brampton Chapter

Brampton, ON, January 19, 2024 –  The CARP Brampton Chapter Board of Directors is delighted to announce that Ms. Tracy Pepe has accepted the position of Chair, effective January 1st, 2024.

A Brampton resident for over 35 years and a mother of two, Ms. Pepe owns a firm specializing in mental health with a focus on the profound connection between scent and essential oils. As a dedicated community supporter, Tracy has been actively involved in various capacities, including a past board director and a fifteen-year volunteer with Meals on Wheels. Despite an unsuccessful bid for city council in 2022, Tracy remains committed to understanding and contributing to Canadian political advocacy at different levels.

“I am thrilled to step into the role of your CARP Chairperson and am filled with optimism for the year ahead. My intention is to amplify the voices of seniors in Brampton, championing the issues that resonate most with our members and supporting the efforts of all our volunteers. My goals include elevating our membership, fostering collaborations within Brampton and ensuring that we deliver substantial value and services as a united collective,” said Tracy Pepe.

Tracy also serves as the Director of the non-profit organization MY NOSE Initiative INC., dedicated to Smell Learning the organization aims to educate individuals about the profound benefits of scent on mental health. 

The new 2024 Executive team of Brampton CARP, Chapter 52 Board of Directors is comprised of : Tracy Pepe – Chair;, Brenna Glancey – Vice-Chair; Carl Marshall – Secretary; Prabhat Chatterjee – Treasurer; Dieter Christiansen – Director of Communications.

CARP, is a national, non-partisan, not for profit membership association committed to ensuring fair access to healthcare, promoting financial security, and championing freedom from ageism, CARP empowers its members to embrace a fulfilling and active lifestyle.

As proud CARP members, individuals gain access to a diverse range of nationwide benefits, including exclusive discounts and services in areas such as insurance, travel, finance, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. The Brampton Chapter of CARP is particularly focused on curating a variety of services and collaborating with organizations that actively support seniors in aging healthily within the Brampton community. For those looking to join CARP and embark on a journey of enriched aging, a one-year membership is available for $19.95. To become a member and enjoy the array of benefits,