Older Canadians deserve access to the best and newest vaccines

Did you know that many serious illnesses that affect older Canadians can be prevented through vaccination? These include pneumococcal disease (such as pneumonia), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), shingles (herpes zoster), and others. These diseases can lead to needless deaths or hospitalizations for many older Canadians.

Unfortunately, our current adult vaccination programs have not kept up with the latest technology. For instance, they only include pneumococcal vaccines that were approved decades ago. Yes, we’re using the same vaccines that we had when we were still renting movies at our local video rental stores and using pagers!

This is a problem. Vaccines are a powerful public health tool that can prevent deaths and hospital stays, resulting in better lives for seniors and considerable long-term savings for the health system.

That’s why CARP is asking government leaders to invest in free and accessible adult vaccination programs to include the latest approved and recommended vaccines.

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