Hands off CPP

CARP volunteers in Alberta have been a leading voice in opposition to Premier Danielle Smith’s proposal that the province leave the Canada Pension Plan and start their own Alberta Pension Plan (APP).

CARP members across Canada are equally concerned about the scheme that Albertans are considering and what it would mean for the CPP and current and future Canadian pensioners.

Click here to read the Alberta CARP Chapter’s call to stick with the CPP.

Click here to read the Calgary CARP Chapter’s letter to Albertans about the proposed Alberta-only pension plan and the myths being shared by the APP proponents.

CARP was instrumental in the establishment of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, which manages the funds of our national pension. Seniors across Canada including those in Alberta are concerned about putting pension dollars back into the hands of politicians and withdrawing funds from one of the most highly respected pension fund investors in the world.

And it’s not just CARP members in Alberta who are opposed to the APP plan. Polling has been consistently against an APP, and all three federal party leaders including Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader, Pierre Poilievre and NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh are encouraging Albertans to remain in the CPP.

If you are living in Alberta, let your MLA know that you support the Canada Pension Plan and to keep their hands off the CPP!

If you are living anywhere else in Canada, speak to your own MP and let them know that you and CARP are fighting to protect the CPP.

CARP members have been advocating on behalf of Canadians and their financial security for the last 40 years. Our members led the charge to enhance the CPP for future seniors, to insure that stable benefits would be available for generations to come. Leaving the CPP is bad for Albertans and is bad for Canadians.

CARP supports the CPP and we need your support to ensure that the CPP remains intact.

Join or renew your membership in CARP and help us protect the CPP.


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