In May 2022, Canada’s National Census revealed that 19% of the population is aged 65 and older.  This represents nearly 1 in 5 Canadians, or 7 million Canadians.  Federal and provincial policy-making that affects older Canadians is more important now than it has ever been and our voice has never been more powerful.

Get in front of the people who want your vote, and who can influence decisions.

There are some good protocols to follow when communicating with your provincial leaders.

  • Contatct your local MPP, MHA or MLA and speak with them directly.  After all, it’s easier to ignore a letter than it is to ignore a person speaking directly to you!  You can find information about key issues and how CARP is advocating on our website.
  • Premiers and Ministers should be sent a hard copy letter followed up with an email of the letter, which is cc’d (copied) to all the other key influencers you’ve identified. Faxing the letter can also be surprisingly effective. In our experience, hard copy letters and faxes get read more frequently than emails, which are often caught in junk filters or simply counted and filed away.

Email addresses are available for politicians in your Province (click each province to view):

Find Federal MP contact information

Politicians also often have “hidden coded email addresses” which follow a consistent and known format and which go directly to their inbox. CARP National can help you find those: Ask for help with this here