Freedom from Ageism

One of CARP’s pillars of advocacy is freedom from ageism.

Age is one of the first things we notice about other people. Individual and societal assumptions about age can lead to deeply problematic stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.

In Canada, you can see ageism at work in many different environments, including work places, health care settings, and the media.

CARP works to highlight societal and systemic prejudice and discrimination and to ensure the perspective of older Canadians is included more broadly.

Older Workers

Ageism persists in the workplace.

Frauds and Scams

Many older Canadians are targeted for frauds and scams.

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse happens far more than you may realize.


Testing should be based on an individual’s driving ability rather than their age. It is ageism – unfair and discriminatory –  to assume that a person’s age alone is a sufficient reason for retesting.