Power in Numbers

According to the 2021 census, there are currently over 7 million seniors in Canada. The population aged 85 and older is one of the fastest-growing age groups, with a 12% increase from 2016.

Federal and provincial decisions that impact older Canadians are more important than ever before.

What do we know about older Canadians?  They are skilled, have experience, networks, education, and time.  With well with over 330,000 CARP members and growing we can be powerful advocates for ourselves, our communities and our country. Older Canadians have never had a larger nor more powerful voice.

Here’s how you can use your voice.

Get involved with a local chapter: CARP’s advocacy is put into action by a network of 27 regional chapters, representing our members in communities across the country. Whether it’s hosting engaging events, rallying for change on local issues or mobilizing our national campaigns, our chapters are an integral part of CARP’s advocacy work. Our chapters also serve as a social outlet for older people in their communities, offering a much-needed source of connection and comfort for those who may be feeling isolated or who simply want to share their passion for political engagement with a new group of friends.

Advocacy toolkit: provides critical information for how to best communicate your concern to decision-makers and how to get in touch.   Includes email addresses for politicians in your province, contact information for federal MPs, key government officials to consider and more.

Find your elected officials: Get in front of the decision makers.

CARP VOICE: Online focus groups: Participate in small online group discussions related to key issues for older Canadians.

Current polls/surveys or links to results: Add your voice to any open CARP surveys or read the results from past ones.