Your voice: Zoomers plan to keep working

CARP Action Online readers plan to keep working well past age 60.

According to our last poll, not many CARP Action Online readers seemed to have bought into Freedom 55 – a full 83 per cent plan to keep working past age 50 and 62 per cent will still be working at 60+.

Even at the “normal” retirement age of 65, 35 per cent plan to keep working and 16 per cent expect to be working past 70. These might be the same 16 per cent of the readers who said they expect to be working indefinitely.

Employers are facing labour shortages and more important, need to retain or attract Zoomer workers with the experience, networks and work ethics they need to remain competitive. Over 45 per cent of our readers listed flexible working options as their single most important consideration for staying on the job but another 44 per cent wanted all of the above, including training and skills upgrading, a role in mentoring younger workers and clear anti-ageism policies and enforcement. Employers need to do themselves a favour and start making their workplaces Zoomer-friendly.

Photo © Marie Kurtz

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