Welcome to the Carp Moncton Chapter

New Carp Chapters are popping up across the country like crocuses in spring, with the Moncton Chapter being one of the more recent Chapters.

We are presently looking for members to volunteer and put their talent, energy and creativity together and serve as board members of the Moncton Chapter to help grow our Chapter.

Carp is community oriented and wants to be a voice for issues concerning the aging population such as: mandatory retirement, pensions, health, elder abuse, fixed income seniors etc.

Carp played a large role in the establishment of income splitting which has benefited many seniors.

Carp is on a mission to increase their membership in order to have more clout when approaching the government on such issues.

Come share these exciting and fun times with us and bring along a friend to meet Moses Znaimer, our President, Susan Eng, VP of Advocacy and Ross Mayot, VP of Community Development on

Monday September 21st at the Moncton Lions Community Center.

Looking forward to meeting you and if you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me, Louise Gilbert, Chapter Chair at [email protected] or by phone at 389-9808.

Bienvenue à tout le monde!!!