Tell your MPs how you want them to vote on the Liberals non-confidence motion

Tell your MPs how you want them to vote on the Liberals’ non-confidence motion which was tabled today and will be introduced and voted on this Thursday. The text of the motion simply reads: “That this House has lost confidence in the government.” You may wish to check the debates today when the text is available, at: here [click the link to “Latest Debates” on left-hand column].

In the meantime, you might like to read one opinion on the matter at: Other media stories will no doubt follow later this evening possibly with more positive opinions.

This just in: the CBC has now filed a story about the non-confidence motion, to read it please go here CBC story: liberas file non-confidence motion as well as the Canadian Press: click here to read “Harper Flunks LIberal Test”.

The non-confidence motion was introduced in response to the government’s report card on its Economic stimulus package.

At we go to “press”, we do not have further details but wanted to alert you to this vote and the opportunity to have your say.

As always, you can use CARP’s E-Voice to email your MP and advising him/her as to your position on this motion and any other points you want to make. You can send your own email of course but E-voice lists the email addresses and adds the impact of the email coming via the same route so that the politicians know we are acting together. You can consider copying your email to each of the party leaders as well to give them a sense of your engagement.

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