Budget Reactions; Prince George BC

I had it streaming online in the background of 10 tabs open in Firefox while I was downtown yesterday scooping free internet from the environment in one of many Prince George wireless points.  Gotta love mobility in the snow free months, potholes are easy to duck in a smaller mobility device.  Well…  Not really safe when you folks try to run me down, but I try to comply and duck out of your way.

Speaking of that, there will be a web page coming soon for the Power Mobility Safety Presentation which will be Emceed by myself (DBA one of my other hats, vice chair of the Prince George Power Mobility Society).  If you are concerned about mobility devices on the roadways and among you on the sidewalk or if you yourself ride one in those areas, come check out the presentation to be held at AimHi’s Gymnasium located at 950 Kerry Drive in Prince George; April 28th 2012.  Everyone is welcome as we are all affected by inaccessible and deteriorating walk areas and we must share the environment with each other.  CanDo is right after that.  Another hat I wear is Facilitator of the Prince George Multiple Sclerosis Self Help support group (1/3rd of the awesome MS Support triangle in Prince George) and the Voice of the PG MS Community.  Support my journey as I roll towards the cure this June!

Oops- back to the budget as I understood it…   From all I could understand the OAS was affected with the age thing, did not fully understand the pension changes and totally missed Susan 🙁 but she did broadcast in the background of a busy office someplace among a whole community of Zoomers I am sure 🙂  I also understood no money for communities which I am sure will affect Northern BC severely.  I trust Opinion 250 for the details (linked below), I am sure you will too if you recognize the very well known local source!  I am not sure what to do with my pennies, I have tossed them into several cups in the cupboard for a few years now…  Enjoy your day; Join CARP today!!