CARP’s Liberal Leadership Forum is a Must See!

CARP hosted a Leadership Forum for 5 of the 6 Liberal Leadership candidates. Present were Martin Cauchon, Joyce Murray, Martha Hall Findlay, Karen McCrimmon and Deborah Coyne.  Justin Trudeau was unable to attend due to a prior commitment.

The debate was moderated by CARP’s VP of Advocacy, Susan Eng, and featured questions from chapter chairs across the country beamed in by Skype.

The debate was marked by in-depth, fact-backed discussions of specific policies. No generalities, no ad hominem attacks, no “gotcha” moments. That’s not the CARP style. The four female candidates were very animated and involved.

Positions which are Liberal nostrums were proposed (restoring OAS to 65 years old), but so were some more daring ideas (a guaranteed annual minimum income to ensure no one, including seniors, lives in poverty.

The debate was live-streamed on, and linked on the site within 24 hours. As soon as it was linked, campaign staff and political junkies were downloading it. The participants, as well as the observers, agreed it was the best and most informative of the Liberal debates, precisely because of the collegial format and the cooperative focus. Much got got discussed, much got learned, and many went away impressed.

CARP has demonstrated that it’s debates are a must-do stop for campaigners who want to get their message out to those who really vote. In addition, our own Susan Eng is developing a reputation as one of Canada’s most skilled and no-nonsense debate moderators”