Support Bill C-460, The Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada Act

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It has been a very long time since Parliament has considered such an important opportunity to save so many lives. Bill C-460, The Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada Act was introduced in the House of Commons last November by MP and Deputy Leader of the Official opposition, Libby Davies, to help reduce the 16,000 deaths caused by excess sodium in the food supply. We are working hard to enlist the support of MPs from all parties to support this bill and it looks like it might be a close vote.

Please help ensure this bill is passed into law by sending the letter below to your Member of Parliament before the bill comes to a vote in May 2013. Simply by entering your postal code (which automatically inserts your MP’s name), as well as your name, etc. you can adapt as you like the model letter to your MP.

A growing list of (42 and counting) health groups and experts are backing the bill, including the Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Nurses, Dietitians of Canada, the Canadian Association of Pharmacists, and the Centre for Science in the Public Interest. Click here for an up-to-date list of most of them.

I really hope you can write your MP. Every vote counts!

Even better, follow-up your email with a call or personal meeting with your MP. Most MPs will go home to their riding offices on week-ends and in the weeks of April 1-12, 2013. Their contact info can be found in a list searchable by a constituent’s postal code here or in a list of the MPs that can be sorted by name, riding and party here.