NEW CLINICS: Thursday May 2nd

POWER WALKING                         


CLINICS START: MAY 2nd, 2013 5:30pm – 6:30pm     8 WEEK PROGRAM

MEETING LOCATION:  BLOCKHOUSE ISLAND, Main Building  – Look for the runners!

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COST:    $45 CARP Members   $65 Non-Members:  Includes offer for 1 year CARP Membership FREE!   with a monthly subscription to Zoomer Magazine

PLEASE! If you have had any past injuries or health concerns that may affect you or your ability to participate in this program please see your doctor first prior to registration.


This is a very special, one of a kind power walking/running club because it’s designed to get us ‘off the couch’ and into a excercise program that changes the way you live your life FOREVER!  Intermediate Power Walkers and Runners also love this program because it educates and challenges us to discover our hidden capabilities.  The group environment will keep you committed as we encourage one another and develop as a group week by week.  We provide a fun, non-intimidating environment which allows you progress at a safe and comfortable pace. 

A LIFESTYLE CHANGE Excercise is one of several key components to a complete healthy lifestyle.  As you embark on your new journey of health through the Power Walking or Running Program, we also educate and encourage you to put all the pieces of healthy lifestyle together to fit YOUR lifestyle.  This includes diet, the ‘right’ vitamins (what you need and what you dont), weight loss, stress management, finding your confidence, setting personal goals and taking time for yourself.


POWER WALKINGNot just a walk in the park!  Develop proper technique, stronger muscles and bones, coordination, joint health, cardiovascular benefits, and blast those calories!   Clinic nights include interval and endurance training.  A MUST FOR PEOPLE WHO want to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

This program is an excellent foundation for the Learn 2 Run Program!

LEARN TO RUN:   Most common statement:  “running hurts my… I’ve tried and I just cant do it”  First things first!  You cannot put on your 12 year old cross-trainers and expect to go out and run a few kilometers.  Naturally your body is going to retaliate and will get back at you because it’s simply not used to the shock of this new activity!  The key is to develop GRADUALLY!

Dawn Edgley, Coach: “12 years of coaching and hundreds of clinic members later and the story is the same.  People come out on orientation night and look like the only place that they want to run is back to their car!  Fear of failure and intimidation is a common feeling.  I want people to know that the reason why Learn to Run is my favorite and most successful program is because I have witnessed many success stories and lives change.   When you start out know this: it doesn’t matter how fit you are, your wieght or size, or how old you are (many of our members have been well over 50) everyone who is physically able can complete this program and continue to develop for years to come.  All you need to do in order to succeed is show up every week, do your homework and believe in yourself!  Patience and Determination is key!”

Develop gradually with ‘very slow’ jogging/walking intervals.  Intervals increase weekly and by the end of the program you are able to jog 20 – 30 minutes straight!  Emphasis is placed on educating so that you have a full understanding of how you will develop on a weekly basis, adaptation and what your body is telling you.

MY FIRST 5K PROGRAM:  You’ve graduated the Learn to Run Program and are addicted to that runners high! This programs will challenge you to the next level and at the end of the 8 weeks we will participate in our first 5k community run!

The first 5k program is designed to train you to run a solid 5k at your own pace.  It’s also designed to teach you various types technical training and and how it can be incorporated into your future runs.  It will also teach you how technical training can impact your development and performance depending on your goals.


  • EDUCATION:  Understanding your body.  An honest look at life without excercise and then the changes your body will undergo by walking or running as little as 3 times a week.   You will develop an understanding of the body’s adaptation to its new activity on a week by week basis
  • Experienced and motivational trainers
  • Non-intimidating environment specialized for beginners
  • Program modifications when needed
  • Foot and gait analysis with proper running shoe recommendations
  • Learn which stretches are imparative and proper technique
  • Injury awareness, treatment and prevention
  • Socialize and meet new people
  • Weekly homework schedules provided  (participants are required to walk/run a minimum or 2 additional days on their own)