CARP Making the Headlines: CPP Enhancement Multimedia Coverage (Watch & Listen)

Susan Eng on Goldhawk Fights Back: CARP members say the government does not deserve power if CPP is not enhanced

Susan Eng was on Goldhawk Fights Back on December 9, 2013 to discuss a weekend poll of CARP members, in which 71% of members say the current government doesn’t deserve power if it doesn’t increase CPP contributions and benefits.

Listen below to Susan Eng and Dale Goldhawk’s discussion on what this poll result means for the leadership of the country:



Meeting at Queen’s Park – ZNEWS Video Coverage

ZNews carried a 3 minute video feature covering the delegation from CARP meets with Premier Wynne & Finance Minister Sousa at Queens Park regarding the need for an increase to the CPP across the country, Videographer Darrin Maharaj has the details…



Also on December 11th, 2013, ZNews did some more in-depth Chapter Chair interviews with the CARP Chapter Chairs from across Canada who joined in meeting with Ontario Premier and Finance Minister to ask them to work with their respective Ministers in Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Alberta to make the needed improvements to the CPP.

Charles Sousa, Kathleen Wynne and Susan Eng and the CARP Chapter Chairs Onstage making statements post-meeting on December 11th, 2013:

CARP on Goldhawk Fights Back: Susan and CARP Chapter Chairs discuss their meeting with Premier Wynne on CPP enhancement

On Wednesday December 11th, Susan Eng and CARP Chapter Chairs from BC, AB, QC, and NS were on Goldhawk Fights Back to discuss their meeting with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on the issue of improving the Canada Pension Plan.

Listen to their discussion with Dale Goldhawk: