Alberta Election Results make CPP increase more likely





May 6, 2015

Alberta Election Results make CPP increase more likely; CPP still the ballot issue for older Canadians despite welcomed TFSA, RRIF changes: CARP Poll™

Toronto, ON: CARP members, while enthusiastic about Budget measures clearly aimed at them, say they are not enough to get their vote unless the CPP is increased, along with healthcare reform and pharmacare. The Alberta election results make it more likely that a consensus of provinces to increase the CPP can be achieved.

In a poll of more than 2,400 CARP members across Canada, more than half (54%) said there was not enough in the federal budget on their issues to lead them to support it, and, more specifically, their support depends on action on increasing the CPP (13%), home care especially dementia care (15%) and pharmacare (14%).

“Our members recognize that this budget was written with them in mind, and fully support the measures proposed, but they want to see real action on health care reform, and pension reform for future generations, not for themselves. Our members are just as interested in the future as they are in their own immediate priorities” said Susan Eng, VP Advocacy at CARP.

There was clear support for several Budget measures advocated by CARP:

Doubling TFSA – 64%
Reducing RRIF rates – 77%
EI Compassionate leave – 86%
[Remove requirement for terminal diagnosis for EI leave] – 81%
Home Accessibility Tax Credit – 90%

“We will be calling on Alberta’s Premier-elect, Rachel Notley, to support a CPP increase – as her federal counterpart, Tom Mulcair, has committed, along with Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau – so that there can be movement on the issue as soon as the next Finance ministers’ meeting or the Council of the Federation meeting in July. Things look much more optimistic for real action on helping Canadians save for their future”, added Eng

Justin Trudeau at the CARP AGM ;

Tom Mulcair at the CARP AGM

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