How Ontario CARP Members Will Vote on Election Day

June 6, 2018 – TORONTO, ON: CARP members in Ontario are more confident in what they want from a new provincial government then they were a couple of months ago; and 95 per cent are committed to voting in this election.
Before the campaigning officially began, members selected health care and financial security (including pensions) as their top two election issues; they remain at the top of the pyramid as election day moves closer. Hydro prices, and government transparency and accountability are tied for third, bumping budget balancing and debt repayment down to fourth priority.
When respondents were asked again about senior focused issues in party platforms, their responses came back the same. A few percentages changed slightly, but the voices of our members remained clear: wait times for medical procedures must be reduced, pensions need to be protected, and long-term care and dementia supports need to be strengthened. When asked about each issue individually, CARP members strongly approved these initiatives:

  • Reducing wait times for procedures 53% (compared to 55% in the first poll)
  • Pension security in event of company’s bankruptcy 52% (compared to 53% in the first poll)
  • Improving safety and protection of residents in long-term care 51% (compared to 52% in the first poll)
  • Increase spending to reduce overcrowding at hospitals 49% (remained the same as the first poll)
  • Increasing number of long-term care beds 47% (remained the same as the first poll)
  • More dementia supports 44% (compared to 46% in the first poll)

Something that did change over the course of the campaigning period? How our members will vote on June 7th.

Though 56 per cent say that nothing can sway their vote now, 27 per cent are still open to learning more about all parties’ campaign platforms.
Currently, this is where Ontario CARP members are giving their support:

  • 31% PC
  • 26% NDP
  • 20% Liberal Party
  • 3% Green Party
  • 14% Undecided
  • 6% Prefer not to say

Click here for full survey results.
This survey was conducted via email from June 1st to 4th, 2018 in Ontario; 2,430 CARP members responded. Members are generally age 50 and over.
You can read the results from our first Ontario Election Poll and see how the answers compare by clicking here.
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