CARP Volunteers: What They Do and Why We Love Them

In honour of International Volunteer Day (December 5th), we asked Anthony Quinn, CARP’s Chief Community Officer about CARP volunteers.

How important are volunteers for CARP’s success?

Volunteers are an invaluable resource that strengthen our association and our impact as advocates.

Our volunteers engage through our network of local chapters and extend CARP’s presence into the community.  They take leadership roles in their communities and facilitate the lines of communication between the national office and members, as well as to their locally elected representatives.

What kind of volunteer roles does CARP offer someone that is interested?

Volunteers in CARP chapters are encouraged to take on roles that suit their interests. We need members who can represent CARP in their communities and communicate our advocacy priorities with policy makers, media and other stakeholders – on behalf of their chapter and our national organization. Local advocates who organize campaigns affect changes that will improve the lives of seniors in Canada.

We also need volunteers to help organize local meetings and events for chapter members and those who can share chapter news on social media, in electronic newsletters and on our website. There are also Chapter governance roles, including Chair and Treasurer positions that provide ongoing engagement and standing in the community.

How should someone reach out if they are interested in volunteering with CARP?

Visit our website to get in touch with an existing chapter in your community or consider helping to start a CARP Chapter where you live.

Interested in helping CARP advocate without necessarily volunteering at chapter level?

You can do that too!  There are always ways to use your voice to support our work.