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• The cold and the flu can have similar symptoms, both come from a respiratory tract infection, in the nose, sinus and throat. The difference is in how intense they feel and how common they are. In general, symptoms of the flu occur quickly (especially fever and chills), while symptoms of a cold happen slowly (symptoms build over 48 hours. An important difference is that the flu can be prevented. Make sure to get your flu shot!


May feel chills, but fever is rare
Cough, chest discomfort (mild but may last a while)
Body aches and pains (mild)
Tiredness (You can still do your daily activities)
Headache (mild)
Sore Throat
Stuffy, runny nose, sneezing


Cough, chest discomfort (dry cough can be severe)
Body aches and pains (can be severe)
Bedridden (you may feel exhausted)
Headache (Can be severe)
Sore throat
Stuffy, runny nose

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