CARP Members to Politicians: HST will cost you my vote!

In our last newsletter, CARP ActionOnline we asked readers to weigh in on the decision by the provincial governments of B.C and Ontario to implement a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in 2010. The results are in and most polls respondents don’t believe that the tax credits will be sufficient to offset the tax increase created by the HST and 85.4% of them don’t believe that businesses will pass through their savings to consumers.

To read our primer on harmonization click here. We gave politicians the opportunity to respond to our poll and we invited our members to use CARP E-Voice to let the politicians know how they felt about harmonization. Here is what some of our members had to say:

“I myself, being a senior, living on a fixed income will have to curtail my spending. I would typically refrain from purchasing anything over $4.00 so I would not have to pay the 32 cents PST. I guess 32 cents is nothing to you, but it counts to me.”

“Politicians must be dreaming or trying to pull the wool over our eyes when they state that corporate savings will be passed onto the consumer!”

“It is a shock to me that on my small income I will now have to pay 8% more on my utility bills which are already quite difficult to pay. My vote will go to any party that promises to rescind this new tax.”

“The HST plan must be scrapped. It is significantly detrimental to pensioners, who do not care about a one time payment, which will be very quickly offset by the rampant tax increase. If the Liberal representatives in government implement the HST, it will be a clear indicator they are tired of governing.!”

“HST is a short-term money grab (1.5B from the Feds) for long-term pain! How foolish is that?!”

“As a condo owner and retired senior, now widowed, I will be hit very hard by this tax grab”

“I am totally amazed that our province of BC would even consider the HST during these tough economic times. Taxpayers are already paying far too much to governments and this will only make it harder on the working poor.”

“It is hard enough for the average person to make ends meet right now, increasing most of our expenses by 7% will only make it harder.”

“I for one will never ever vote for the Provincial Liberal Party candidate in my riding again.”

“Mr. Campbell, I have had it! My wife and I have supported the Liberal Party for many, many years but we do not feel it is fair to makes changes which negatively affect Seniors to benefit big business. Consequently, we can no longer support the Liberals and our vote in the next election will not be with your Party.!”

“As a senior on a fixed income, I am distressed by the HST that will be foisted on us next year. Your government needs to step up and stop this tax grab now. Anyone that thinks that business is going to pass the savings on to consumers is smoking something funny.”