Older Worker Job Fairs and Volunteers Expo – Coming soon to Mississauga

Those who are looking to reenter the workforce can look forward to an older worker’s job fair and volunteer expo, which will take place in February, 2014 in Mississauga, Ontario. The expo will bring together employers and older workers, for the purpose of promoting continued workforce engagement among older workers, helping organizations meet their business needs with experienced older workers, and strengthening volunteerism and community engagement across all ages, abilities and cultures.

The job fair and volunteer expo is being spearheaded by Adina Lebo, Chapter Chair of CARP’s Toronto Downtown Chapter. After working 22 years in a job in the arts, Adina was not able to find other employment despite her skills, passion, and enthusiasm. After joining CARP, she realized that she is not alone and that many members of her Chapter and surroundings were in the same boat, and that is when the idea was born. She wanted to create a unique event for people who are reentering the workforce in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Many older adults are looking to re-enter or remain in the workforce for various reasons. Some want to re-enter because they want to remain engaged and active while others need to continue working to meet financial needs. A recent CIBC poll showed that 53% of its respondents report that they plan to continue working, and 61% have fallen short of what they had expected to have saved financially.

Statistics Canada also shows a dramatic increase in the number of people 65 years older and older staying in the workforce. Such statistics reflect the reality of so many older Canadians and it is about time that more effort is placed on helping older workers. CARP has been advocating that government and employers work together to remove systemic barriers and disincentives to continued employment, help the unemployed older Canadians transition to new opportunities, and create job opportunities and promote the value of older workers, through efforts like the upcoming job fair and volunteer expo.

The plans for the job fair and volunteer expo are well underway, with recently received funding from the federal New Horizons for Seniors Program. As we get closer to February 2014, more updates will be provided. Stay tuned for details!

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