How to rate your long-term care home

February 2, 2017

With all the terrible news headlines about seniors being neglected, hurt, beaten and even killed in long-term care homes, Canadians need to act now to protect their loved ones who are in the care of others. Here are some tips:

Read the ratings
Families, friends, and residents of nursing homes can find a home, read its ratings, and rate the home. Their insights, ratings and evaluation help others make an informed decision about the home they choose.

Look at the healthcare quality
Health Quality Ontario, the province’s advisor on health care quality, offers resources for patients, families and caregivers.

Ask questions
Here`s a full checklist of tips to assess long-term care homes.

Read more information on long-term care home ratings for Ontario, BC, and Alberta.

CARP believes that changes are needed to ensure our most vulnerable citizens are safe when they come to the end-stages of their lives in a long-term care facility. CARP is calling on the government for better long-term care home oversight to protect elders from abuse.

Though it is not possible to monitor a facility full-time, you can be an advocate for yourself and your loved one to reduce the risk of elder abuse.

Recently, CARP President, Moses Znaimer, received a letter from a family whose family member was severely beaten by another individual in their long-term care residence. CARP has asked for an immediate meeting with the Ministry of Long-Term Care and the Carbino Family, calling on the Provincial Government to address this issue without delay.