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Volunteer! It’s a Work of HEART!

Come to our upcoming session in Edmonton to find out more (details below).



There are 1,000 people turning 65 every day in Canada – and they need a voice. Our chapter network is the local voice of CARP; volunteers working to uphold the rights and improve the lives of Canadians as we age.

If you’re looking for an opportunity that has purpose, meaning, and makes a difference in the lives of others, we’d love to hear from you.




CARP is the national organization that advocates to uphold the rights and improve the lives of older Canadians. With 1,000 people turning 65 every day in Canada, we need to grow our chapter network – and our voice.

Join our Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer, Wanda Morris, as a volunteer to raise a voice for Canadians as we age from coast to coast.

We’re recruiting 8 – 12 chapter executives to lead local chapters.  We welcome volunteers who have one (or more) of the following skills:

  • Passion to be involved on issues impacting older Canadians, particularly in regards to health, financial well-being and freedom from ageism and abuse
  • Project management and organizational skills
  • Experience in advocacy or campaigning
  • Experience in government relations and/or connections with elected officials
  • Strong writing skills
  • Experience with electronic communications through newsletters and Facebook posts
  • Experience and willingness to speak to the public and/or to media
  • Experience with budgeting, accounting and the preparation of financial statements.
  • Leadership experience, particularly with respect to working with volunteers.
  • Willingness to roll up sleeves and pitch in to get things done.

We are also recruiting a Chapter President to lead the local chapter and chair the Executive Committee.

Chapter executives may have a few hours a week, a day or a month.  Snowbirds are welcome too. There are lots of opportunities to get involved and make a difference.



CARP chapters are a critical voice for older Canadians. Grassroots advocacy is highly effective in ensuring our voice is heard in local, regional and federal government offices. Local education and social events provide Canadians 50+ with helpful information and a welcoming community.

Be a part of a local CARP Chapter Executive and work to secure excellent healthcare, financial security and freedom from discrimination for Canadians as we age.



We are actively recruiting for chapter leadership volunteers for Edmonton, Vancouver and Vancouver’s North Shore.  Come to our upcoming information sessions to find out more:


Edmonton –  Leadership Volunteer Recruitment Event

Thursday, September 13, 2018.


Riverbend Public Library
Program Room
460 Riverbend Square Rd NW,
Edmonton, AB   T6R 2X2


Chapters meet and hold events at different times in the year depending on the availability of chapter executives and the interests of local members. Chapters typically hold 3 or more educational events a year and may also hold social events depending on the capacity of the chapter to organize these.

Chapters support national advocacy campaigns as scheduled (for example, our recent National Day of Action on Pensions) and take on at least one local or regional priority where they advocate on their own time schedule.



Next Steps

For more information, attend an information session in-person or by teleconference at one of these times:

Edmonton –  Leadership Volunteer Recruitment Event

Thursday, September 13, 2018.


Riverbend Public Library 
460 Riverbend Square Rd NW,
Edmonton, AB   T6R 2X2





Submit your resume, CV, or other written expression of interest to Wanda Morris, VP Advocacy, CARP at [email protected]


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