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Survey – CARP members strongly support refugee resettlement

December 18, 2015

Click here to read 'Survey - CARP members strongly support refugee resettlement' by Bob Komsic -, ...

The CARP Poll Report: Election Promises

December 15, 2015

Key Findings for December 17, 2015: Members are very pleased with the election’s outcome, although they are less ...

CARP Post-Election Poll Report

November 20, 2015

Key Findings Voting is universal among CARP members, and half of them (more than in the general population) voted ...

Senior back pain

The CARP Poll Report: Pain Management

October 14, 2015

Key Findings   October 5, 2015: Three quarters of members suffer from some kind of muscular skeletal condition like ...

CARP Inter-generational Poll Report

September 30, 2015

Key Findings   September 24, 2015: Virtually all members have children, grandchildren and even ...

CARP Member Profile Poll Report

August 28, 2015

Key Findings August 24, 2015: Members who answered the poll joined CARP, on average, 10 years ago, for the advocacy, ...

CARP Accessibility Poll Report

August 15, 2015

Key Findings August 14, 2015: Few members have mobility challenges, those who do include those subject to falls, ...


CARP LGBT Poll Report

July 16, 2015

Key Findings  July 14, 2015: CARP members identify as being LGBT at about the same rate as the general population and ...

CARP Age Friendly Cities Poll Report

June 18, 2015

CARP members for the most part do not plan to move and two thirds say their current home is suitable for ...

CARP Electoral Issues Poll Report

June 5, 2015

Key Findings While members see problems with First Past The Post (FPTP) and like Alternate Vote (AV) and ...